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11 Plus Mock Tests in Skipton Now Open

Skipton Tutors is pleased to open the booking for our 11 Plus mock exams.

We organised a number of 11 plus mock exams last year for both Ermysted's Grammar School and the Skipton Girls' High School; our mock exams are also relevant for Ripon Grammar.

At Skipton Tutors we want to give children the opportunity to site an authentic mock exam in a realistic examination environment. Younger children are much less use to the whole exam experience and we believe that sitting a practise test in an exam hall with other students in a way that mimics the real exam helps them to prepare and feel more at ease with the entire process.

The 11 Plus mock papers we produce are unique to Skipton Tutors and can't be accessed anywhere else. Each mock exam will be specific to the school, so the verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers are only relevant to Ermysted's and Ripon Grammar. The Maths, English and verbal reasoning papers for the Skipton Girls' High School are only relevant to their entrance exam. For this reason we have designed completely different 11 plus mock exams for both Ermysted's and Skipton Girls' to ensure they are as authentic as possible. There are a number of separate mock exam dates throughout the summer to give children to the opportunity to sit more than one mock exam and also to ensure that all children have the chance of sitting at least one exam.

All of the dates for our 11+ mock tests and the corresponding information can be found on our dedicated 11 plus mock page.

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