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GCSE Formula Sheets

Over the past few months we have documented a number of changes that have occurred with the GCSE curriculum. One of the most significant changes has been to the GCSE Maths exams where students no longer receive a formula sheet. In addition to this there are more topic to learn and the question types presented in the first specimen papers appear to be significantly more challenging than previous GCSE Maths papers. With the absence of the GCSE Maths formula sheet it now means that students have to memorise more than 20 additional formulas. For those candidates looking to re-sit GCSE Maths there is still an opportunity to take the old paper in the summer of 2017 but this will be your last chance to sit the legacy paper. However many schools and colleges in our region have opted not to offer this an option which means that many people re-sitting are having to learn additional material and sit a more challenging exam. Other GCSE changes also include the removal of the formula sheets from GCSE Science exams but this won't take effect until the 2018 examination series. Students taking the 2017 Science exams should be aware that although formula sheets are provided these do not include units and you can guarantee that there will be marks awarded for the use of correct units in the exam so please learn them!

At Skipton Tutors we will continue to update students and parents on exam changes so please keep an eye out on our blog!

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