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Mock Exams

We are entering the time of year that GCSE and A Level students are preparing for mocks. GCSE Mocks in Maths, Science and English are very common in secondary school across the region. At Skipton Tutors have found that more and more schools are opting for more authentic mocks in the exam halls and a results style day which imitates what students will do on actual results day. The thinking behind this is that if students haven't performed well then they can experience that when opening their results and hopefully turn it around before their actual exams. The issue is that many mocks are set in December when students have had no time to prepare and often they contain topics or subtopics that haven't even been taught as they are still working through the syllabus in school. As a result we find that mock results are not always a good indicator of how students will perform in their final exams. However, there is a benefit to the mocks in that it helps students to practise their exam technique and revision preparation. These are two areas that are sometimes neglected in school and can make a real difference to the final mark which is why all of our Skipton Tutors are focussed on helping our pupils with revision and study skills. These skills are applicable to all academic subjects which i why we often see students responding well across a whole host of subjects, not just the one being tutored.

If your child is preparing for mock exams and they would like some additional support, contact Skipton Tutors today to discuss.

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