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What Subjects should I prioritise?

Sometimes parents and students find it difficult when looking to select a private tutor as they are unsure as to which subject or subjects to prioritise. We actually think that students can be overloaded with tuition and are better off sticking to having one tutor or possibly two, focussing on key areas. This is because that tuition in any subject, for instance GCSE Biology, should help a student in all other subjects by showing them a more structured and effective way to revise and learn. In terms of which subject to prioritise when it comes to tuition there are a number of factors that should be considered:

- Which subject is the student struggling in most when it comes to progress tests and general class work.

-What subjects does the student want to study at a higher level

-More weight should always be given to Maths and English especially at GCSE as these have to be passed

in order to go on to further education, they are also the gold standard for what many employers now look for.

Whatever subject you decide to have tuition for, Skipton Tutors can help! Call us today to book your private tutor!

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