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QTS Maths tuition

We have had another one of our QTS Maths students pass the QTS Maths this week, having only had 6 lessons preparation for the exam. Skipton Tutors offers QTS Maths tuition to help prospective teachers prepare for the Maths Skills test exam. The maths involved is of GCSE standard but the time constraints along topics such as cumulative frequency curves that many of us haven't seen since school, make the test tricky for many. Skipton Tutors has a short QTS Maths course of tuition which is adaptable to each individual. Some are happy to have 3 booster lessons and feel confident for the exam, whilst others have over 10 lessons. We offer our students access to a QTS Maths testing site as well where students can take 20 practise exams leading up to their real test. This helps students to assess their progress and how likely they are to pass. We find that those students that pass 3 or more QTS Maths practise exams in a row nearly always pass the actual exam on the day. For more information about our QTS Maths tuition contact Skipton Tutors today.

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