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Skipton Girls' High School mock 11 plus exams

New Skipton Girls' High School mock 11 plus exam. We are running one final mock 11 plus exam before this year's exams. We have sourced papers that are unique to Skipton Tutors so that no student will have seen the paper before. Additionally we have booked St Andrews Church which is very much like an exam hall and gives an authentic 11 plus exam feel. We are pleased to offer the Skipton Girls' mock as many parents have been requesting this, especially after the success of the previous mock. Click here to find out more information about the 11 plus mock and how you can book. Parents must be aware that places for the mock are offered on a first come first served basis and that we can only reserve spaces once you have made a formal application. All the 11+mockdetails are explained by following the link above or by visiting our dedicated Skipton Tutors 11 plus mock page.

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