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GCSE Science Curriculum Changes

There have been many curriculum changes over the last few years with the department for education driving reform throughout the educational system in pursuit of higher standards. In terms of GCSE subjects this has meant an update syllabus with more challenging content and a new examination structure. From September 2016, the new GCSE Science specification will be taught. It no longer contains a coursework element, with all marks now awarded in the final examinations. Rather than having the 9 GCSE Science exams, each an hour long, all exam boards will to having 6 exams, two for each Science, all 1 hour 45 minutes long. This means that there is an increase in examination time from 540 minutes to 630 minutes in total for the GCSE Triple Science route. Students taking this route will be awarded separate Science GCSE's in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each graded from 1 to 9. The dual award, or combined Science GCSE, will require the student to six exams, 1 hour 10 minutes each, totalling 420 minutes of examination. Students selecting this route will come out with two separate GCSE's in general Science. If parents would like more information about the GCSE Science changes or the new grading system introduced across many GCSE subjects, then contact Skipton Tutors and we would be happy to help.

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