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11+ Mock Exam

Thank you to all those that attended the 11+ mock exam yesterday, we genuinely believe that we set up an authentic examination with a challenging paper. The day ran really smoothly, all students turned up on time and completed the mock exams without incident. Some students made mistakes whilst filling in the papers in terms of putting their answers in the wrong section or on the actual question papers by mistake. We believe that these sorts of mistakes made in the mock exam will mean that students are far less likely to make the same mistakes in the actual test and that is why we think a mock 11+ exam is so worthwhile. We have stated to parents that the results of the test will be back with them within 10 days. This is a conservative estimate and we hope to have them all marked with comprehensive feedback sooner than this. Skipton Tutors would like to thank all those that helped out on the day in setting up the exam hall and ensuring that the day ran really smoothly. We envisage running another 11+ mock for Ermysted's Grammar next year and we are looking into arranging a similar mock for Skipton Girls High School as well.

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