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GCSE Maths Equivalency

GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams are suitable for you, if you require entry into higher education courses that accept GCSE Equivalents if you don’t have the GCSEs already. These include courses like teacher training for QTS, midwifery and nursing. If you haven’t been in school for a while or don’t have the appropriate GCSEs or equivalent and you fancy a career change, then look no further!


Throughout the country there are many GCSE Maths Equivalency Course and exam providers, however here at Skipton Tutors we recommend taking yours through A Star Equivalency.

When choosing what GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam to take, it is important to consider whether you want to take higher or foundation level. If you opt for the foundation level then the highest grade you would be able to achieve is a L5. However, the possible grades for a Higher paper ranges from L3 to L9.


The grade boundaries for the Foundation and Higher level exams are as follows:


Foundation Tier Maths Equivalency Exam Grade Boundaries


  • Grade 4 (low C) (55% to 74%) Grade 5 (75% to 100%)

Higher Tier Maths Equivalency Grade Boundaries are as follows:

  • Grade 4 (25 to 34%)   9 mark band 25 to 34 marks inclusive

  • Grade 5 (35 to 43%)   9 mark band 35 to 43 marks inclusive

  • Grade 6 (44 to 54%) 11 mark band 44 to 54 marks inclusive

  • Grade 7 (55 to 68%) 14 mark band 55 to 68 marks inclusive

  • Grade 8 (69 to 82%) 14 mark band 69 to 82 marks inclusive

  • Grade 9 (83 to 100%) 18 mark band 83 to 100 marks inclusive


The exam consists of 2 papers. You will have a two hour exam where you get an hour for each paper and sit the papers back to back. Paper 1 is a Non-Calculator exam (worth 50 marks) followed by Paper 2 which is a Calculator exam (worth 50 marks). GCSE Maths Equivalency exams are based on the Edexcel GCSE Maths specification, which is all accessible to you so that you can prepare in the best way possible for all your potential questions.

In order to prepare for the exam, we also recommend Maths Made Easy due to their extensive range of revision and study materials which cover every aspect. Their comprehensive set of math revision materials range from revision guides, flashcards, mock papers with mark schemes and model questions with solutions for each topic.


Once you have decided which course is the best suited for you, you will sit an online exam (which you will need a strong internet connection for, webcam, ID, pen & paper and a scientific calculator). If you desire, you can do a paper version rather than an on screen exam, however you will still need to sit the exam over a webcam call.

Depending on whether you opt for a fast track option and pay extra to get your results within 72 hours, you will receive your results via email within 10 working days of sitting the exam.


If the GCSE Maths Equivalency is what you believe you need to progress your studies/career then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Skipton Tutors. You can book your course for whatever and day and time that suits you, but just a tip: the further in advance you book, the cheaper the course!

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