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Numeracy Skills Tests and Tuition

In order to sit the numeracy skills test we ensure our students are numeracy ready!

This means using the best numeracy skills tests that are available online. As a partner of QTS Maths Tutor we are happy to promote their tests and validate the quality and accuracy of them. If you book a course of numeracy skills tuition with Skipton Tutors, you will be taken through the tests on QTS Maths Tutor as part of the tuition. We will make sure you are comfortable with all the different question types from percentages to ratio to the cumulative frequency curves you may not have seen since GCSE. With methods for all the different topics and question types our numeracy skills tutors are confident that we can get you numeracy ready and confident to tackle both the mental arithmetic part of the test as well as data and graph question that appear in section two. For any information regarding the numeracy skills test, or QTS Maths tuition please contact Skipton Tutors today and we will be more than happy to help!

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