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GCSE Maths Past Papers

At Skipton Tutors we help our learners in a variety of ways to ensure they are prepared to succeed in school and exams. GCSE maths is one of those subjects that some love and others hate. A key part of helping students to succeed in this subject is ensuring they get access to the most relevant resources. It is no secret that GCSE maths past papers are arguably the most useful resource, especially when it comes to preparing for assessments and final exams.

Working through the GCSE maths past papers and corresponding mark schemes is a good way to check on progress and identify gaps in knowledge and understanding. A good way to use the exam paper resource is to sit a paper, mark it, understand the areas you need to work on, revise those areas then sit a new paper to see if you have made progress. Often students won’t see much progress from paper to paper as different topics may come up highlighting different gaps; however over multiple papers they should start to see progress being made with a general uptrend in marks. Unlike GCSE English or science exam boards where the specifications vary a lot, there is not much difference for GCSE maths and therefore using exam papers from other exam boards is a good way to get some additional practice. The following are direct access to the different exam boards as well as some additional exam papers.

For additional practice papers that are delivered directly to you then we recommend the GCSE Maths predicted papers. Contact Skipton Tutors today for support with any GCSE subject, we are here to help.


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