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Free Functional Skills Courses

Free Functional Skills Courses

There are plenty of free courses that learners can acquire to help them get ready for their Level 2 Maths and English exams (GCSE Equivalents). Here at Skipton Tutors we’re offering all learners access to a FREE level 2 Functional Skills course!

Use the link below to check it out and sign up now.

Functional Skills Maths level 2 Course

Functional Skills Maths level 2 is the most popular course taken by our learners, aged from students still at school, to adult learners. As the level 2 FS course is equivalent to GCSEs, it can be used to apply for Uni courses and also help with employment chances! You also need to earn this qualification in order to complete most apprenticeship courses too, so we have hundreds upon thousands of learners going for this exam every year. YOU can sign up for the level 2 maths course below for FREE using the link. This course also comes with a pre-assessment of your skills so you can find out what areas you need to work on!

Functional Skills English level 2 Course

We also have a Functional Skills English level 2 course for learners. This course goes over what you need for the level 2 English exam, being Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and more. The English exam consists of 3 sections, Reading, which is to test your understanding of literature, Writing, which is to test your writing and spelling capabilities, and the SLC, which is for testing your presentation and speaking skills. If necessary, we have support for those taking the SLC, and some support for the Reading and Writing as well. You can register below to access the free English course after completing the form;


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