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Group Tuition

We often get requests for group tuition for Maths, English and Science and even the 11 Plus. Parents sometimes want a cheaper alternative to private tuition and ask if we provide group tuition. We believe that a cheaper alternative to one to one tuition is not necessarily a better value one. The amount of individual time spent with each child is what adds the value and if there is one teacher to 8 children then naturally your child will get 1/8th of that time but you may still be paying 80% of the cost of one to one. Therefore to those parents who may be over stretched with weekly private tuition we would recommend that your child have less frequent lessons, bi weekly or even monthly as opposed to group lessons. Another effective alternative is online tuition. Online tutoring is a growing sector and many students really benefit from this. Many see online tuition as more convenient and less expensive.

If you are looking for a Maths, Science or English tutor in Skipton, then please contact Skipton Tutors and we will be happy to help.

For More Infromation on our tutoring services in the Skipton area then...

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